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It’s always time to start somewhere…

Posted By on December 6, 2016 in Daily Image, Post | 0 comments

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve started this blog over. I love this website, how I can change it and practice on it. Countless themes, a variety of different approaches at content. I’ve been in love with this Elegant Themes theme, Gleam, for a long time, so tooling around with it has been really fun.

Let’s do it again. I’ll post a pic in every update. Turns out I have taken a lot of pictures this year.

So how about those Cubs? I’m not a Cubs fan, but watching that Game 7 was definitely a highlight of my year.  Made me think about what it takes to try over and over again, and how maybe failure is misdefined as just one of many iterations one must go through before everything clicks perfectly, and the journey continues down the fork in the road not chosen or available before. I look forward to exploring my own sets of iterative paths, and I hope I can find my World Series-worthy iteration before 108 years 🙂